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Disposal solutions
for commercial
and residential needs

Green Plant
What We Do

Perry Ridge Landfill is a Subtitle D non-hazardous wastes landfill, designed and constructed in accordance with current standards. 

We are an independently owned and operated organization focused on what we do best — disposal. Our small operational structure allows us to provide superior customer service and assistance without the circular automated phone systems and other inconveniences.

Dock unloading at Perry Ridge Landfill in Perry County, Southern Illinois
Compliance & Customer Service
  • Certified scale

  • Quick approvals of special wastes (advance approval is required before delivery)

  • Assistance with manifests, regulatory paperwork, and logistics

  • Per job pricing; short- or long-term contracts

  • Project help to minimize hauling time and disposal costs 

  • Site cleanup service for the cleanup, transportation, and disposal of non-hazardous solid and liquid waste materials

  • Trucking and hauling services 

Perry Ridge Landfill, a Subtitle D non-hazardous wastes landfill
Environmental Controls & Permits


  • Synthetic and Clay Liners

  • Leachate Collection Lines and Tanks

  • Gas and Groundwater Monitoring Systems

  • Surveillance Camera System 

  • CERCLA Approved

Illinois EPA Permits:

  • Bureau of Land — Construction and Operations 

  • Bureau of Water — Surface Water and Leachate

  • Bureau of Air — Construction and Operations

Pugmill at Perry Ridge Landfill for commercial and residential waste disposal
Wastes Accepted

Perry Ridge Landfill, located in Perry County, Du Quoin, Illinois, opened in spring 2004 for the disposal of:

  • Asbestos

  • CERCLA wastes

  • Coal Ash Conditioned and Dry

  • Construction and Demolition Debris

  • Containerized Waste

  • Contaminated Soil and Debris

  • FGD Wastes Conditioned and Dry

  • Municipal Solid Waste

  • Off Spec and out of date chemical and consumer products

  • RCRA Empty Containers

  • Liquids from industrial processes for solidification

  • Sludges from industrial processes and municipal sewage treatment

  • Wastewater and Water Treatment Sludge

Please contact us for detailed guidance on required paperwork and for other assistance.

Wastes Not Accepted
  • Hazardous Wastes

  • E-Wastes (including all types of electronic equipment, commercial and residential)

  • Florescent Lightbulbs

  • Landscape Waste

  • Medical Waste

  • Motor Vehicle Batteries

  • PCB Wastes (except as provided under TSCA)

  • Used Motor Oil

  • Used Tires

  • White Goods (i.e., large household appliances)

Questions? Please contact us.

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