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E-Waste Regulations

Effective January 1, 2012, disposal of electronics in landfills in Illinois is prohibited.

P.A. 97-0287 bans the landfill disposal of many electronic items. Items from both residential and business/commercial sources are included in this ban and are as follows:

  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Computers (including tablet computers and laptops)
  • Electronic Keyboards
  • Fax Machines
  • Videocassete Recorders (VCRs)
  • Portable Digital Music Players
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Small Scale Servers
  • Electronic Mice
  • Digital Converter Boxes
  • Digital Video Disc Players (DVD Players)
  • Digital Video Disc Recorders (DVD Recorders)
  • Cable Receivers
  • Satellite Receivers
  • Scanners


What can I do with my electronic waste?

The links below will be helpful in finding a place to dispose of e-waste.

Registered Residential E-Waste Collection Sites

  Collectors, Recyclers & Refurbishers of E-Waste 

In addition to the above links, Check with your town or local electronics stores for options for electronics recycling.